About us

About us

MegaSpaceFighter Productions started as a home studio, founded by Kamil Janko in 2010. Today, it is a full-fledged company based in the capital of Poland, created by a team of several specialists in their fields. 

The studio deals with the comprehensive production of stop-motion and computer animations, commercials and short feature films.


The owner and founder of the studio, an engineer and a directing student at the Warsaw Film School, Kamil started on YouTube with the MegaSpaceFighter Productions channel (from which our studio's name originates). He has produced numerous live-action films such as school etudes and "Red Dream," made for the international NASA and SciArt Exchange competition, in which the film reached the finals as the only team from Poland. Moreover, it was judged, among others, by the director of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" – Gareth Edwards. He began his film journey as the main creator of "Turn Back Time for Karski" broadcasted on TVP Historia. Due to his obsession with perfect lighting, he ensures that everything in our films is always perfectly illuminated. In addition, he is also responsible for special effects.
He is also the author of our programmable camera motion control system called MSF Slider, and takes care of all technical aspects in our studio.


An experienced stop-motion animator and engineer by profession, for whom new tasks are just a reason to have fun and expand their skills. He has been working in our studio since our first official project for the LEGO Group and has played a key role in our team's ability to adapt to new needs. Currently, he also works in a 3D environment as a Model Artist and Animator. Privately, he is a big fan of the classic LEGO Town, Studios and Adventurers series.


An excellent professional with six years of experience in the CG industry. As a team leader of our 3D computer graphics team, he proved to be irreplaceable in the last feature-length project. He played a key role especially in mentoring and training less experienced team members. 

Privately, a musician, a student of the Academy of Music in Katowice.



And many more...

Our work has been appreciated at many film festivals.

Among others on:

  • Grand Video Awards 2023 – Main Award in Branded Content category
  • Grand Video Awards 2019 - Main award (Poland)
  • Grand Video Awards 2020 - Main award for the best videotutorial (Poland)
  • Long Story Short Film Festival (Poland)
  • Grand Prix & Audience Award – X KFA KLAPS (Poland)
  • 12th OFFeliada Film Festival - Special Award of the Festival Director "ROZENKRANC" (Poland)
  • 5 Stars Award – British International Amateur Film Festival 2019 (UK)
  • 35th Upto21 International Film Festival - Distinction in the category of the best animation (Poland)
  • Project Mars Competition – Finalist (USA)
  • FF Kaliszfornia - Special Jury Mention (Poland)
  • 11. KFA KLAPS – Main Competition (Poland)
  • Konkurs Filmów Odrzutowych Hyde Park 12. Kameralne Lato - Official Selection (Poland)
  • 35th Upto21 International Film Festival - 3rd place from the Wola district Jury (Poland)
  • Grand Video Awards 2018 - Nomination in Hobby category (Poland)
  • 20. FFA Filmowe Zwierciadła - 3rd place (Poland)
  • O!PLA 2019 - official selection category OFF&GO! (Poland)
  • Brickfilmer’s Guild Festiwal 2017 - nomination in 5 categories (web)
  • 18. Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Nieprofesjonalnych ,,Kochać człowieka” - official selection (Poland)
  • Film Competition "Rzutem na Taśmę” 2019 - Distintion (Poland)
  • XVI Ustecki Festiwal Filmów Amatorskich UFF(o)A 2019 - 2nd place (Poland)
  • 65th Ogólnopolski Konkurs Filmów Niezależnych im. prof. Henryka Kluby OKFA - Official selection (Poland)
  • Up-and-going 15. Intern. Film Festival Hannover – Official selection (Germany) 
  • Konkurs Filmów Odrzutowych Hyde Park – 12. Kameralne Lato - Main Award (Poland)
  • Independent Film Competition 11. Solanin in Nowa Sól - Distinction (Poland)
  • 11. KFA KLAPS – Official Selection (Poland)
  • FF Kaliszfornia – Category: Młoda Kaliszfornia (Poland)
  • 7th Cine Brick International Brick Film Festival - official selection (Portugal)
  • Young Animation Festival of Polish Animated Films - Main Competition (Poland)
  • Brick Stars 2018 - 3rd place, international LEGO animation competition organized by the French animators forum (France)
  • 36th International Film Festival UpTo21 – 3rd place
  • Brickfilmer’s Guild Festiwal 2021 – nomination in 9 categories, best fan film in the Star Wars universe (web)
  • Brick Stars 2021 – 1st place, international LEGO animation competition organized by the French animators forum (France)