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MegaSpaceFighter Productions exists from over 10 years

At first as a home studio, and from the end of 2021 as a full-fledged company located in the capital of Poland. We created numerous animated film projects and more. Years of experience confirmed by numerous awards at many national and international film festivals have resulted in cooperation with the biggest companies.

MSF Slider

MSF Slider is our own design of a programmable slider with a pan and tilt head for cameras and film cameras. It is possible to control it through our application in real time using joysticks or use it for stop-motion animation and time-lapses by setting an appropriate timer that moves the machine between successive steps. The application has been equipped with axes with curves for more precise control of acceleration and deacceleration between individual keyframes…


We did it! Grand Video Awards 2023

Mamy to! Jedna z naszych animacji zrealizowanych na zamówienie Grupy LEGO „Go on holidays with LEGO bricks: Camping” została wybrana najlepszym filmem w kategorii BRANDED CONTENT na Grand Video Awards 2023 🔥🎥. Bardzo dziękujemy!  10 października odbyła się gala Grand Video Awards podczas której zostali ogłoszeni zwycięzcy poszczególnych kategorii. Tegoroczna nagroda staje się naszą już…

The Journey of a Soldier – part II

The second part of my award-winning animation The Journey of a Soldier available from May 4th! Its trailer, final film and the making of parts 1 and 2 are already available! Check it out! Honestly, I'm very curious about your opinion. What's more, I will reveal that at this point I have already completed half of the photos for the third part. Unfortunately, due to other commercial projects we are working on, the further development of part 3 has been significantly delayed. Find out more about it on our social media.

Stopmotion animation workshops

We also run multi-stage workshops on creating stop-motion animations. So far, we had the pleasure of working for the LEGO Group as animation experts on their latest This Is How We Play campaign, which was shot in Los Angeles. The local training we conduct covers the complete basics, up to more advanced techniques such as green screen, practical special effects or broadly understood image post-production. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us! We are happy to adapt our program to specific needs.

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